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Esme is the name you will hear yourself softly pronouncing at the edge of your lips after our encounter.
I am a tall slender natural young lady with legs for days… the kind you just want to touch softly all the way from the bottom as you make your way up gently to kiss me even more.
I am a very sensual woman and I know how to use my flaws to make you smile from the inside out. Make you feel like the most important man there is.
Once your eyes lock into my deep blue eyes, that gaze will touch your soul leaving you wanting nothing more than to reach for my soft silky skin.

I have been told to put people at ease as soon as they are close to me, I have this easiness with the human nature, I am very connected with everything around me, making it easy to put you in the most comfortable state.

I am also attracted to woman which brings out my very feminine side. I love to please and be pleased by a woman as much as I do a man.
Something about the pleasures one’s body can provide to an other brings a sense of exhilaration to me, of beauty. I thrive for those experiences. The sensuality that emerges from the touch, the connection that resonates from one body to an other. The craving of passion.

I take pride in what I have to offer as a woman, as a whole. I would love nothing more than to share that with you.

Je t’embrasse
Esme xoxo

Activities I enjoy

I am a very active female.
I enjoy to run and get a good workout 6 days a week.
It’s important to take care of my appearence and my mental health by doing so.
I also enjoy hot yoga. I would love to share a session together . You would be very astonished on how invigorating you will feel after.
Biking is an other way of keeping in shape I enjoy, especially during the warmer season, I take my road bike out and love to go along the canal.
I enjoy above all walking. It is a way for me to free my mind and think. Take me through a walk anywhere around the city and you are sure to please me :) especially in a city I have never been.

Try me at any sport ;) I might just surprise you

Hobbies and personal interests

I am an adventurer and you might be surprised by my curious nature and spontaneous side. I love improvising even thought I tend to like my day to day routine.

Traveling is on my top of the list. I love to know about other cultures , the way other people live and to blend into there world.

Here are some examples :

Walking through the streets of a new city, coffee in our hands. Or just being in a nice bakery or coffee shop It may seem like something so simple, yet, simple can sometimes be enough to win my heart.

I love the outdoors and I need it. The fresh air is something I need more than anything.

Yes, as a woman, I love to get pampered and go to the spa and feel like a princess. Please let me reassure you that I am not one :)

I absolutely love animals, if I could walk in the streets around the world and bring back with me every single stray animal with me, I would. There is nothing more beautiful than the love a human and an animal can share, it’s unconditional love, and that can never be bought.

I also love to have deep conversations. Conversations about anything beyond us or just simple maters of life. I like to share deep thoughts and I am not afraid to speak my mind . I am a non judgmental person and a very good listener. Your words are safe with me and will never be judged.

Some of my passions

I love to cook. Something about a fresh home made meal made with love is pretty hard to beat.
Ask me to cook for you and see the smile light up the room !

Personality Traits and Qualities

I am a loyal and very honest person. My values are what makes me as a person and I stand by them.
This brought me to be the Woman I am today and the one I will become tomorrow.

I was always the one to put people at ease, make them feel comfortable. Everyone deserves a place to feel secure and safe and loved

Fun fact about me

I have 3 dogs and I wish I had 10 :)
I enjoy cigars

Favorite Cuisine or Dishes

French fusion cuisine is my favorite. Mostly Mediterranean. Seafood to fresh baked bread and grilled veggies. Oh and, champagne and lattes! This girl needs her Latte

Favorite Drinks and Beverages

Soy or almond milk latte is a life or die matter .
I love champagne, Amarula or Bailey’s, limoncello and amaretto
Pellegrino is my to go sparkling water with some lemon

Wardrobe style and attire

I love dressing up......and down...
I have a wardrobe filled with anything from streetwear fashion to very classy. I tend to like to always have the perfect accessory to bring an outfit to life.
Don’t get me wrong. Having to throw on some lingerie before carefully stepping in a beautiful dress, finishing it off with my feet sliding in a new pair of beautiful heels is a feeling no man will ever understand until he sees the finish result as I come dressed that way for you, towards you..

Local areas availability

Surrounding areas ( extra fee for my traveling expenses)

Available Toys

Njoy plug
Njoy ultimate
Magic wand

Virtual services etiquette

During these unfortunate times, I offer one on one private video chatting. Please note that as a virtual service, payment will be made via e-transfert at the beginning of the session.
300$ for half an hour of intimate video one on one

Texting for an hour 100$

Booking Etiquette

I would very much appreciate a 24h to 48h notice at the minimum.
For extended hours I will request a deposit to assure the time booked. I am sure you understand. If anything was to happen on my end that would make me unavailable for our encouter, the deposit will be fully refunded to you.

Cancellation policy and Deposits

Any cancelation upon booking must be done 48h before the time our encounter has been scheduled. If not, the deposit will be kept for my time I had made for us

Notes and Instructions

No burner number or private numbers
No friend requests
Please contact me by text or email

By these instructions, it will be a pleasure to answer all questions of yours for an experience suitable for us.

Esme xoxo

What I like

Yourself, that is all :)

What I dislike

Arrogance . Someone who is not trustworthy and speaks with his mouth full.

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