Montreal Gay pride LGBT festival event DiversCite

DiversCité is an internationally recognized major festival occurring every year in Montreal featuring LGBT events (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), presenting and combining Arts, Music and Festivities while promoting diversity, solidarity and open-mindedness.

This year, in celebration of their 20’th edition, DiversCité’s main festivities will be taking place in the Old port of Montreal (See Festivities map)

Divers/Cité organized the first Montréal LGBT pride celebrations in 1993. From that point and until 2006, Divers/Cité was comprised of three parts: The pride parade, the community fair and the arts and music festival. Following welcomed and increasingly positively views towards LGBT peoples and communities within contemporary society and after analyzing on-site client research, Divers/Cité’s organizing committee moved forward with a vision to create two distinct public LGBT events in Montréal: One event concentrated on community development and the other, a full-fledged arts and music festival.

Official website of DiversCite:
7 days of amazing and memorable performances:
Event start time: July 28 2014
Event end time: August 3 2014

*This article is a non-commercial article, published freely for the promotion of diversity and open-mindedness embracing the essence of Montreal City.

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